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God's Word & The Church

We like to hear things that make us feel good. We tend to avoid things that make us uncomfortable. Often the truth of God’s Word makes us uncomfortable. It is not supposed to be comfortable all the time. The discomfort grows us. It gets us back on track. Our world, however, likes to avoid it at the cost of the truth. The Israelites that heard Amos’ words didn’t like the truth he was speaking either. It made them uncomfortable, so they pushed him away. They told him to leave and not to speak, but Amos held to what God had said and did not let their opinion sway him.

Do we stick as fast as Amos did to the Word of God?

Do we devote ourselves so strongly to His truth that we are unswayed by the opinion of those around us?

In a world that likes to avoid the truth of God’s Word, we need to be able to identify those who would sway us. Jesus talks to His disciples— warning them to identify those who are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

How do we identify a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Jesus concludes,

“Therefore by their fruits, you will know them.”

Matthew 7:20

As he said, a bad tree can only produce bad fruit, and a good tree good fruit.

Do their words align completely with the truth of God’s Word or have they twisted His words to be comfortable?

If we see someone who does not speak the truth, are we willing to speak out against that?

In Revelation, God commends the church of Thyatira for their good works and virtues, but there is “a Jezebel” in their midst. She led astray His servants, and He does not let that slide. She and those who continued to follow her deceit would meet their punishment.

Are we going to let a Jezebel in our midst? Will we let the twisted truth seep in? Or will we hold to the truth and not be swayed?

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