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  • Faith Moore

If God, Why Evil?

God did not create evil. He made a good creation. His creation was free of corruption, suffering, and evil. It was good. Yet, evil came into the world through humanity. Evil is not, however, the absence of good. Evil takes root in what is already good. As rust forms on metal that was originally clean, evil forms on what was created good. Evil cannot exist without good. It is the corruption of good.

Where is hope in a world with evil? Does God allow evil?

In the book of Job, we see that evil does not run wild with no restraint. He is always in control. The book of Job ends with a powerful word from the Lord in which He reminds Job that He is in control of everything-- including evil, suffering, and corruption. God does not allow evil for no reason. He allows it because He is good. Yet, the hope is that God did not allow evil to exist without a way out of its grasp. On the cross, Jesus prepared a way to again separate us from evil. This is the hope of being prepared for us in eternity.

“Who has preceded Me, that I should pay him?

Everything under heaven is Mine.”

(Job 41:11)

What does that mean for us? How do we combat evil?

We combat evil by standing in opposition to it. With God by our side, we confront evil. We have not yet seen the complete defeat of evil, but we walk into the battle knowing we will see the day that our King defeats evil fully. We combat evil by trusting in our Lord’s faithfulness and goodness. We combat evil by knowing that He is in control.

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