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  • Faith Moore

The Acknowledgement

Wounds left uncared for and enclean, allow for infection to seep in. It is the same with sin. If we leave the open wound of sin on our soul the infection quickly and easily grows. There is only one Cure for sin. It is provided for us by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. As with any wound, there is a process for cleaning the wound of sin: realization, confession, and repentance.

It isn’t until we see our dirt in the mirror of the Law that we can ask God to heal it. Yet the danger comes, if we realize it is there and still allow it to remain an untended wound. Then, we will simply be aware what infection we are dying from.

Are you allowing the wounds of sin to fester?

Unless we admit our inadequacy before God, we have no where to start. If we are not willing to admit we have sinned, there is no way to move on from it. This is confession-- admitting that we fall short and have gone against God’s nature. The Lord desires confession because He wants to heal us. He knows that the only way is for us to bring our sins and lay them at His feet.

Will you humble yourself enough to lay your sins at His feet?

What is next then? Leave your sins there-- at His feet. We must stop chasing sin. We must run away. Repentance. This step often gets thrown straight in with the other two steps. We began to lose sight of what it really means to repent. Repentance means doing a 180 from the direction you were headed. It is to turn away from sin and follow Jesus.

Which direction are you headed? Be honest with yourself. If it isn’t full throttle toward Jesus-- turn! He is waiting for you-- pursuing you-- if only you’d simply turn back to Him. Then you will finally lean into His embrace.

Be gracious to me, God,

according to your faithful love;

according to your abundant compassion,

blot out my rebellion.

Completely wash away my guilt

and cleanse me from my sin.

Psalm 51:1-2

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