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Our church is proud to say we have a few ministries for people of all ages to get plugged into and become active in.


Impact Student Ministry

For students K-12

Led by Youth Minister Avery Gengelbach, along with the help of many adult leaders and volunteers, our students have a blast building relationship and strengthening their faith. From MS/HS youth group on Sunday nights, to Sunday School meetings for all ages on Sunday mornings, with Wednesday night activities for students up through Middle School, and all sorts of events throughout the year, our Student Ministry is an awesome place for someone of any age group to get plugged in.


Sunday Worship Services

Gathered in Unity

At Freedom Christian church we love to grow in our faith together! We are always looking to further expand our church family, while also further deepen our faith. We strive to accomplish this growth in our Sunday worship services, with Sunday School classes at 10:00 for Adults, High Schoolers, Middle Schoolers, and Elementary Schoolers. We then continue our growth as we meet together to worship at 10:45.


Hope Cafe

Serving Jesus by Serving Others

Join our church family once a month to give back to the community through Hope Cafe. With Hope Cafe, we come together to provide meals for those in the community who may struggle to find them. We serve at the community center in Russell Springs, and also deliver to several housing complexes. We are always looking for more people who are willing to help serve!

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Wednesday Night Bible Study

Shaping Your Faith

It's extremely easy to get consumed with daily life and all the activities that go with it, and because of this it is incredibly important to set apart time throughout the week to recenter and refocus. Our Wednesday night bible study is a perfect place to do that! The adults gather together in the sanctuary to dive into scripture as a group, while the students do activities, worship, and classes of their own. It is a great night of fellowship, and an awesome way to rejuvenate your week.

Prayer Ministry

Growing Together

We have just implemented a new ministry within our church that is completely dedicated to the practice of prayer. We have begun meeting together on Sunday evenings at 5:00, simply to pray together and grow as a church family. 

Breakfast and Jesus

Women's Bible Study

We have begun a Women's Bible study group at the church called, "Breakfast and Jesus." The women meet together on the first Saturday of the month, and join in study over the scriptures, and prayer amongst each other. They would love for new people to join them!

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